Here's what the critics have said:

"I don't think anything could have prepared me for the freshness, bursting imagination and sheer joy that was the April 12 recital by SoMar Dance Works... The Santillanos presented a dizzying array of movement that touched all the big topics: Sex, love and science.  The range was extraordinary, and the execution often dazzling."                                                             -John Chacona, Erie Times/News (review of SoMar Dance Works in Concert)

Mark Santillano took the round-house approach in "Mark it with a "B.""  A good comedy is hard to find, but Santillano's background in the wacky world of Pilobolus produced a side-splitting cartoon of a dance.  There were those body-altering trademarks: a pyramid, squiggling sperm, a tasteful pregnancy and munchkin children.  But this cosmic life cycle-shere "B" stands for baby-was a total delight with its broad brushstrokes of playful movement."  
- Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"This reviewer has to admit her eyes were fixed happily on ...Mark Santillano, a dynamo of power and speed."  
- Betsy Light, Indianapolis Star (review of Dance Kaleidoscope)

"Mark Santillano...practically stopped the show in "I Can Do That"...   
- Joe Pollack, St. Louis Post Dispatch (review of A Chorus Line)

"Santillano flips, flops, and practically knocks himself out for every performance in his rendition of "I Can Do That." 
- Mary Evertz, St. Petersberg Times (review of A Chorus Line)

"The solo from the "Empty Suitor," choreographed by Tracy was performed last night by Mark Santillano, who made it what it's supposed to be - a tour de force of physical comedy...Nothing subtle about the humor here, but he pulled it off thanks to a sweet, even shy, persona."  
- Christine Termin, Boston Globe (review of Pilobolus Dance Theatre)

"Mr. Santillano was charming as the hapless, stumbling everyman in a solo from "The Empty Suitor,"...Mr. Santillano also made an immensely touching character as the lost aviator in "Aeros,"...  
- Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times (review of Pilobolus Dance Theatre)

"Other times they [Solveig Olsen (Santillano) and MOMIX] are almost God-like in their beauty, ravishingly sensual and powerful.  Who could forget the image of a woman merging into the red ribbon she whips, flamelike, around herself?  She throws the ribbon more and more energetically, moving into it's center, until she and the ribbon become a single, flickering fire."  
- Margaret putnam, Dallas Morning News (review of MOMIX)

"But for all Pendleton's startling originality, it is his company [MOMIX and Solveig Olsen (Santillano)] that carries the show.  Their is a taut physicality that takes dance to acrobatic heights, and yet still retains a poignant fluidity.  In layman's terms, it's called poetry in motion."  
- Charles Passy, Palm Beach Post (review of MOMIX)